Healthy Living

Do you want to have a body that looks good and feels good too? Our body is a perfect machine created by God. Like any ordinary machine, it needs fuel to run, and oxygen to assist combustion of the body fuel. Food is the fuel that our body consume and turn into energy. Aside from providing energy, foods supply our body with different nutrients for the proper functioning of every organ and the whole body. When we fail to support our body with the right nutrition, our body runs out of balance, and we become sick.  Lack of macronutrients and micronutrients will make us sick. A bad lifestyle like smoking and drinking adds up to the burden of this wonderful machine. In the old times, people have a longer lifespan compared today. One of the reasons might be the foods that we eat today are different from what our ancestors eat before. Before there were no pesticides, no preservatives, no microwave ovens, no GMO foods, no pollution. Our ancestors lived before in a natural environment richer in oxygen as compared today. Today pollution is everywhere: Air pollution, water pollution, radioactive pollution. It is estimated that about 20% of the radiation we are exposed to is due to human activities on their gadgets excluding radiations coming from factories and radio stations. Considering this, the picture of radiation pollution significantly expands. In modern living, technology rises with a trade-off on our health. Although we cannot avoid unnatural foods and pollution, there are ways on how to strengthen our body to fight them. Medicinal plants, herbs, and spices to name a few can provide healing power and protection to our body. Having the right mindset, meditation, sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet contribute factors to a healthy well being.

Eat the right foods

Have regular exercise

Get enough sleep

Avoid stress


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